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The bookmaker Bet3000 has risen to the league of the most important bookmakers and with its extensive range of sports betting and the number of live bets shows that it is also one of the top bookies. All major leagues and competitions are represented – customers will find everything they need, the sports betting interface is clearly laid out and navigation is pleasant. The texts and the numbers are all very easy to read and Bet3000 is perfect to use. Overall, this provider leaves little to be desired and every customer should be able to find what they are looking for. Clicking on the Statistics link on the main page opens a window with extensive details from many sports areas, which you should save and remember this service.


If you call up a odds comparison, then Bet3000 often appears in the upper range in the amount of the odds in relation to the other providers. The division of the page can also be described as very good and the navigation is clear. There are also some special bets on sports betting that others do not have in this form at all (Bundesliga conference bet). A tip to the next corner is also quick and easy with Bet3000, which ensures fun for people who do not know exactly who will leave the place as the winner and still want to bet something.


No deposit possible via Pay PAL or Neteller, but otherwise Bet3000 offers good odds after a deposit and little cause for criticism. Possibly, even better contact options for customers should be created on the main page – the new customer bonus of a maximum of 20 euros (as of October 2014) at 100% is rather poor compared to others.

Betting offer

The large selection of the various sports as well as within the games themselves – the depth of the offer is undoubtedly great and noticeable advantages that Bet3000 offers in this form on the platform. In the test, among other things, direct menu items in the women’s football, bandy, floorball selection or even a week before the start in the entertainment area were a bet on the Raab. So Bet3000 is very attentive and, above all, makes the odds available to its customers in good time. This also applies, for example, to DEL ice hockey games three days before the bully, something that clearly differentiates this betting provider from others.

But also in football games the bet size at Bet3000 is quite impressive, there is almost everything in the selection that is important. You can tell that effort has been made here and that the page has been designed very neatly in terms of structure and timeliness. Therefore, due to the many sports and options within the games, it can be said that the betting range is good to very good. As I said, many bets are on offer very early, which also makes it easier to take advantage of possible inside information. In addition, we would like to once again point out the statistics that can be useful as an important aid in the large selection of bets.

The Bet3000 betting odds

The Bet3000 betting odds are consistently good described – in international top football, the betting provider works with a payout key of around 94%, so the theoretical profit margin of Bet3000 is around 6%. This quota key is used, for example, in Champions League games. Absolute top rates are achieved at Bet3000, however, in the games of the German Bundesliga. Here the quota level is somewhat higher between 95 and 96 percent.

Bet3000 Betting picks Review & Rating | Best Blockchain Casino ...

It is striking at Bet3000 in the betting odds comparison that the odds sometimes differ significantly from those of the competition. Depending on the bet chosen, this can have a positive or negative effect. Therefore, it can always happen that Bet3000 has the best odds, although this does not happen too often. Overall, Bet3000 is definitely in the forefront with its betting odds and should not be missing in any full odds overview.

Bet3000 football betting

With the football betting program from Bet3000, geography lessons could be carried out without any problems – because almost 100 countries from all over the world can be found here.But understandably, Bet3000 focuses on Europe – especially on the two most important markets, Germany and England. In these two countries, Bet3000’s betting offer reaches deep into league football.

In Germany, in addition to the 1st Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga, there is also the 3rd league as well as the regional leagues and all major leagues.

The situation is similar in England: starting with the Premier League there are also the Championship (= 2nd League), League One (= 3rd League), League Two (= 4th League) and the National League.

In addition, all other major European football nations – Italy, Spain, France – are offered at least to the third floor.

Since Bet3000 was founded by four Norwegians at the time, this is also reflected in the betting offer for Norwegian football: Here the range extends from the professional kick of the Tippeligaen (this is the highest performance class) down to amateur football in the 4th division.

Bet3000 Ice Hockey Betting

Bet3000 is one of the younger representatives in the online betting provider industry. The high value that ice hockey occupies in the Scandinavian region is also evident at Bet3000 in the segment of special bets. In addition to the classic three-way bets, a number of additional betting options are offered for each game in the major leagues . This ranges from handicap bets to various variations of goal bets to bets on the exact result or the outcome of certain sections of the game.

Betsafe ice hockey betting offer

In the NHL games, the extent of these special bets has already reached levels that many betting providers cannot even guarantee in football. Bet3000 offers up to 50 betting options here. So you can bet whether an “Empty Net Goal” will be scored, which team will score more than three goals or how many goals will be scored in the Powerplay. There are also personal bets such as scoring goals for individual players.

Bet3000 tennis betting

On the one hand, long-term betting markets for the most interesting tennis events are opened very early and thus allow great anticipation and betting fun around the tennis highlights. On the other hand, no game is left out in the betting calendar at professional level:

As soon as there is a fight for the game, set and victory at the highest level, the bookmaker Bet3000 is there – and with an impressive selection of betting options, on almost all rallies. Because for each of the games offered there is a nice amount of interesting special bets. These can either be displayed by the user depending on the type of bet or the pairing.

In addition, the “Special bets” item in the tennis menu hides something unusual in the form of special bets that relate to specific players and are not “only” focused on a tournament.

The Bet3000 Live Betting

Bet3000 can’t quite keep up with the industry giants Bet365 and Bwin in this area, but these two are in a different league anyway. Thus, Bet3000 can confidently count itself to the “Best of the Rest”, because the selection of games and bets is huge. Practical is: In the Bet3000 live betting console you can filter by sports.

For example, live events can be hidden or shown and you can only see those that really interest you.

Betsafe live betting offer

football to tennis and other ball sports such as basketball, handball and volleyball to less betting-related events such as golf, Formula 1 and in the colder season also ice hockey and other winter sports. Since Bet3000 has the Grand Slams and all ATP and WTA tournaments as well as the Challenger Tour events in advance, you can bet on these games in real time.

A betting offer that makes the heart of every betting tip beat faster – and even more, because Bet3000 also convinces in depth about this extensive live betting offer.

Payments into a Bet3000 betting account

One of the simplest and fastest ways to top up your betting account is instant transfer. Payment by credit card, which can be selected from an amount of 15 and up to 10,000 euros, also works quickly.

Bet3000 charges up to 2.5 percent processing fees for deposits made with a Master Card or Visa card. One of the simplest and fastest ways to top up your betting account is instant transfer. Payment by credit card, which can be selected from an amount of 15 and up to 10,000 euros, also works quickly. Bet3000 charges up to 2.5 percent processing fees for deposits made with a Master Card or Visa card.

This payment method has been increasing for years, with the Visa card and the Mastercard in particular having established themselves on the market. This is also the reason why the option of paying by credit card takes first place in the ranking among the various betting providers. So also with Bet3000. The bookmaker enables payments with the two popular credit card brands mentioned, which are 15 euros in the minimum case and 10,000 euros in the maximum case.

So far so good – but now the “catch” comes at it. Because the bookmaker, who otherwise processes payments largely free of charge, has installed a small trip hazard in the sense of processing fees.

Bet3000 app for android

Bet3000 has joined the league of online betting companies that offer an android based mobile app. The Bet3000 android app is designed to give you access to the entire Bet3000 online betting portfolio. That means that from the same app, you will be able to bet in the Bet3000 sportsbook as well as their online casino. That is a convenient way of decentralizing online gaming, by allowing you to be anywhere and anytime, provided you have the app installed.

Bet3000 mobile menu for Android

In terms of the user experience, the app’s interface will be very familiar to any player who has previously interacted with Bet3000 through their desktop site. The app has the same theme colours of yellow and blue being used as highlights in what is a mainly white background. For ease of navigation, there is a main menu hidden behind the three small bars on the top-left corner of the page. And if you are new to Bet3000, you can easily register an account from the mobile app without having to visit the desktop site.

The new customer bonus from Bet3000

At Bet3000, new customers receive a 50% bonus on the first deposit into a Bet3000 betting account. The prerequisite is that the bonus has been activated under “Available bonuses”. At least 10 euros must be paid in to receive the bonus credit. In the maximum case this is 50 €. Only if these have been released within 30 days can you proceed to the 2nd part or 3rd of the bonus.

The conditions to be met are:

The bonus amount must be wagered 8 times with a minimum odds of 1.50. A period of 30 days is provided for this.

If this is fulfilled, the second or third part of the bonus can be withdrawn in the same way by making a new payment.


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