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While it was actually common for sports betting providers to launch their betting offer directly and only then explore other offers afterwards, this development has changed significantly in recent years. Many companies, which are actually known as online casinos, are rushing to the market with their own sports betting offer and some offer attractive bonus programs . One of these new names among sports betting providers is Anbessa. Due to positive experiences with similar companies in the past years, I approached my Anbessa test report with great interest.

1. Before you can take any bonus or a detailed look at the Anbessa betting program, you must first open a new account. Go to the Anbessa homepage and click on the “Open Account” button either in the upper right corner or at the very bottom of the website.

2. A pop-up window opens. In this you have to enter your email address, your desired username and your preferred password. However, pay attention to the specifications of Anbessa and, if necessary, adjust your password according to the specifications.

3. In the second step of the registration you will have to enter your personal data. These include your full name, your date of birth, your address and your mobile phone number. In addition, you must confirm that you are at least 18 years old and agree to the data protection and cookie guidelines. If you confirm your data and agree to the guidelines, your account opening has already been completed.

4. You do not have to wait for an email from Anbessa to activate your new account, nor will a code for confirmation be sent to your stored mobile number. The account is activated immediately and your first deposit can be made immediately.

Bonus & VIP program

Gone are the rather unattractive topics – now it is time to take a closer look at the bonus for new customers and possibly other bonus offers from Anbessa. Normally, you will certainly assume that Anbessa, as a relatively new sports betting provider, is very interested in an attractive new customer bonus. This is precisely the policy with which many new betting providers have tried to come onto the market in recent years and thus to establish themselves as quickly as possible. Which way did Anbessa go? And how important are existing customers for new sports betting providers?

Casino bonus – Casino Bonus Planet

Welcome bonus

Anbessa had exactly two options for his new customer bonus. On the one hand, you could use a very lucrative bonus offer to attract new customers or you could use a simple bonus system that fits the overall picture of the entire website. After much deliberation, the latter variant was chosen. After your complete registration you can receive a free bet worth 10 euros . Anbessa opted for a high level of user-friendliness and simple bonus and wagering requirements .

Once you have completed your registration, all you have to do is make a first deposit of at least 10 euros . It doesn’t matter which payment method you choose. All deposit methods offered qualify for the welcome bonus. You also do not have to use a bonus code during the deposit process. If the deposit is confirmed by Anbessa, your Anbessa bonus in the form of a free bet will be credited to your account balance immediately. However, in order to have access to the free bet, you have to convert your deposit into sports betting at Anbessa exactly once. Anbessa has a minimum odds of 2.00 for the qualifying betregardless of whether it is a single or combination bet. After the qualifying bet has been settled – regardless of whether the betting slip was won or lost – Anbessa unlocks your free bet. Within the next 7 days you have to place them in any market on a bet with a minimum odds of 1.80 . Remember, however, that you only get the pure profit from this bet.

If you have successfully completed your free bet, the net profit from the betting slip will be transferred to your account immediately after settlement of the bet. You do not have to consider any additional bonus or wagering requirements and can request a payment of your credit directly.

VIP & loyalty program

The weaker impression can also be transferred to a possible VIP and loyalty program. While Anbessa should have a clear vision of how to reward its customers for steady sales thanks to its casino, this vision is completely lacking for the sports betting offer. No matter how high your stake is or how regularly you should place your betting slips, you can unfortunately not receive a traditional loyalty bonus at Anbessa .

Betting offer

Let’s start with the most important aspect of every sports betting provider, the betting offer. Basically, I always lower my expectations a little bit for companies like Anbessa. It should be clear to you that Anbessa is far from being able to offer the same amount of betting as full-service providers that have been active in Europe for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, my Anbessa experience with the betting offer is generally rather positive .

Anbessa has been able to amass more than 30 different betting markets right from the start. With this value you can definitely place yourself in the middle and allow comparisons to established bookmakers. Betting markets, such as soccer, tennis or other popular ball sports in Europe, are sufficiently covered and are also given an appealing depth. For American football, for example, there are bets in the regional leaguesavailable, whereby one can see Anbessa’s existing problems on closer inspection. Although the company manages to cover all important markets, what is still missing is an eye for detail. While the big names in the industry can easily offer over 250 additional bets for the top games in the 1st Bundesliga, this is not yet the case with Anbessa. It will take a little longer for Anbessa to reach these values. Basically, you are on the right track with your betting offer. You can see from the heap of e-sports that you are also future-oriented. A rapid growth of the e-sports betting market has been predicted for years, Anbessa has positioned itself accordingly and is constantly expanding its range of e-sports. FromLeague of Legends to Overwatch League , betting on e-sports is possible at Anbessa at any time.

Finally, it is important to mention that the entire betting offer is available tax-free for you. Usually you would have to pay a 5% fee per betting slip / stake, but Anbessa does not charge you with it. Instead, you take the sports betting fee out of your own pocket for every customer. Great service that definitely makes sense for an upcoming project that wants to draw attention to itself. In the long run, I don’t assume that you can place your sports betting tax-free at Anbessa. When asked, the customer service department also left open how long this policy would remain in place.

Live betting

Of course, live betting is an important part of Anbessa’s betting offer. Every day you are offered live bets in the three-digit range, which is comparatively in the middle. The question that surely arises for you is how the live bets are presented, which statistics are provided for the events and whether there are even broadcasts to watch?

Anbessa will offer you a balanced mix of live bets for as many sports as possible throughout the week . Of course, the number of live bets for national and international football matches is outstanding, but the wide range of tennis games is not to be scoffed at. Both betting markets clearly dominate the scenery of live betting . In addition, you will be able to use live betting on other popular sports. Be it other popular ball sports in Europe, bike races or sports car races – if you keep your eyes open and check the live betting calendar every day, you will surely be able to discover one or the other betting option for you.

Dark design, yellow button and a clear structure: Very appealing and helpful for me, if there should be several live bets at the same time on the weekend in which I am very interested. However, if there are negative aspects to mention about Anbessa’s live betting, it is definitely the lack of live broadcasts and a rather sparse choice of statisticsto the individual games / events. You will definitely have to make improvements here in the coming months. According to customer service, you will hardly be able to expect live broadcasts at Anbessa in the future, but an expansion of the statistics is planned in any case. It is not clear which statistics will be used.

Odds & betting functions

In addition to the bets offered, a betting provider must not only offer me solid to good betting odds, but also keep an eye on the trends in the industry. I simply cannot fully expect the first point from a non-full-service provider like Anbessa, but I think innovation and the urge to implement new things are almost indispensable for new sports betting providers . Can Anbessa meet these requirements or are there any major shortcomings?

Let’s start with the betting odds at Anbessa. My expectations were somewhat subdued here , after all it is now well known that new sports betting providers take between 12 and 24 months to fully establish themselves with their betting odds. Especially during the first year you will see bigger differences and odds fluctuations in new sports betting providers. Does this also apply to Anbessa? I have made a small analysis and can confirm that Anbessa cannot really set itself apart from comparable betting providers in this regard.

Sports Betting Odds Explained - How Do Betting Odds Work?

As the first relevant comparison value, I have decided on the football betting market. After much deliberation, I picked ten UEFA Champions League games and used them as a benchmark. In order to determine this as precisely as possible, I selected a mix of top games and comparatively unattractive games for the commercial football fan.

93.81 / 94.05 / 91.97 / 92.58 / 93.20 / 92.76 / 93.11 / 91.40 / 92.39 / 92.42 = 92.77%

As you can see from the individual betting odds, very comparable leaps in odds of the individual games can be seen. With a little more than 2% less than comparable football bets, the odds level for the highest basketball league is absolutely in the range. Anbessa has laid the foundation without question, now you just have to wait for the coming months and see to what extent the quotas will develop. Based on my Anbessa experience in the past few months , the development should in any case be positive rather than negative .

When it comes to new betting features, Anbessa cannot be asked twice. For this reason, there was no question that you could cash out immediately after your first betting slip . Whether you want to secure your profit or simply keep possible losses as low as possible, thanks to the cashout at Anbessa you will be able to find some new strategies. Especially if you take a closer look at some of the betting strategies , you can quickly determine why the availability of a cashout is so important these days.

Unfortunately, you can only complete a full cashout at Anbessa. A partial sale of the betting slip is therefore not possible , which is a small thorn in my side. For example, let’s assume a larger combination bet with little stake, but a very high betting rate. Of course, I would like to win my winnings early, but in the end, of course, it also appeals to me to let at least part of my original stake continue on the starting conditions. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Anbessa.

deposits and withdrawals

Due to the experience that the company has had for a long time as an online casino, the payment options for deposits and withdrawals are already mature. Anbessa offers you a solid selection of traditional payment options as well as modern and significantly faster e-wallets . You can’t completely compete with the best sports betting providers on the market with your portfolio, but I think the selection is absolutely sufficient. Anbessa’s portfolio consists of the following payment methods:

  • Credit card ( VISA and MasterCard ) – maximum 4,500 euros
  • Sofortüberweisung – maximum 2,000 euros
  • Trustly – maximum 2,000 euros
  • ecoPayz – maximum 2,000 euros
  • PaysafeCard – maximum 1,000 euros
  • Skrill – maximum 2,000 euros
  • Neteller – maximum of 2,000 euros

No matter which payment method you want to use, there is always a minimum deposit amount of 10 euros . However, the rather low deposit limits caught my eye somewhat negatively. While you can deposit a maximum of 4,500 euros by credit card , this amount for deposits by PaysafeCard drops to 1,000 euros . All further deposits can be made up to a maximum of 2,000 euros – very low values. However, it is positive that all deposits are available for you free of charge. For example, if you deposit 2,000 euros via Neteller, the entire 2,000 euros will be transferred to your Anbessa account.

Mobile app

A good sports betting provider doesn’t just convince with a good betting program. A good sports betting provider must also be able to guarantee that I can use the entire sports betting offer on all end devices and check my betting slips at any time. That may sound simple in theory, but unfortunately this is not the case with all bookmakers. In order to solve this topic as elegantly as possible, Anbessa offers you a modified website in HTML5 format.

The modified website replaces the conventional sports betting app . So you don’t have to go to the Apple or Google Play store and search for a Anbessa mobile app for Android. Simply go to the Anbessa website on your smartphone or tablet in your mobile browser and you will be able to use Anbessa’s complete sports betting range on the go. The original website is shown compressed. The design is therefore identical, only the division had to be minimally adjusted for better usability. From your point of view, a familiarization phase is therefore not to be expected. Anbessa also allows you to use all other features of its sports betting offer on your preferred mobile device.You can make a cashout on the go or track your game / event with the statistics as a live bet . All conventional payment methods are also available to you. If you want to make a quick deposit, for example, you can also do this on your smartphone or tablet. The same naturally applies to all withdrawal requests.


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