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Bet Online with DraftKings Sportsbook - Sports Betting and More

In simple, the classic sports bet is supplemented by the component of a sports manager – instead of game outcomes, the personal performance of individual athletes is in the foreground.

To do this, fantasy tippers have to put together a team in a certain sport or league with a limited budget, which then competes with the teams of other participants.

The real events in the arenas and sports halls are decisive for the success of the troop thus assembled; The “purchased” players are awarded or deprived of points for their actual performance, which then add up to their own final result.

In football, for example, goals and tackles won are positively evaluated, while yellow and red cards, for example, result in point deductions.

Draftkings points football

Since such a rating system can be constructed for almost every sport, draftkings offers an almost unlimited range of possibilities.

Meanwhile, Draftkings mainly deals with the US national sports due to its origin, but fantasy betting is also anything but new territory in local latitudes.

For many decades, an annual manager game by the sports magazine “Kicker” has enjoyed enormous popularity, which committed to comparable principles.

However, while that offer is still based on the origins of fantasy sports, apparently only providers like Draftkings have made the procedure mass-compatible.

Sports at Draftkings

One of the most important optimizations was already hidden in the name:

While Draftkings competitions had originally spanned an entire season, the professional providers generally reduced the playing time to a single game day.

Successes have a record-breaking effect on your own account balance, which may result in the perhaps even more decisive difference to the active German branches.

In order to participate in a fantasy league, customers must first pay a different starting capital, which will be distributed to the most successful participants after the end of each round.

Draftkings also retains part of the revenue for the infrastructure provided, which means that the company does not operate as a betting provider, but rather as a betting exchange.

The creation of new leagues is usually taken over by the users themselves: every user is free to create their own fantasy league according to their own ideas.

If, among other things, the creation of a private league for the Circle of Friends is made possible, the public competitions have an incomparably greater appeal.

Icon coinsIn addition to the fun, the focus is finally on “profit-making intentions”: the mixture of sound knowledge and a lucky knack promptly pays off in sounding coins.

Is Draftking Gambling?

In our experience, Draftking would certainly deny the company itself, at least for sure.

Finally, the starting point is represented by the industry giant, that the Daily Fantasy Sports (Draftking) is not to be classified as luck games, but rather strategy games based on skill.

According to corresponding surveys, the greatest returns from this provider are achieved by trained mathematicians, business psychologists and game theorists.

These mostly use self-written programs, of which, fed with thousands of statistics, the most promising list is always determined at the push of a button.

Draftkings: Fantasy sports for everyone

The Daily Fantasy Sports would hardly have developed into a mass phenomenon in the USA if the financial success were reserved exclusively for academics.

The provider Draftkings has also created an environment in which practically every customer can experience success regardless of his or her personal requirements.

If, on the one hand, low stakes – and correspondingly lower payouts – make many leagues uninteresting for real professionals, new customers are also placed under special puppy protection.

Draftkings sports

So, for example, even inexperienced fantasy athletes can stay completely alone if they wish: in the entry-level leagues, only those tippers who have a maximum of 50 completed laps are granted access.

Comparable access requirements also ensure that every customer encounters opponents from their own weight class, which greatly improves the fun of the game.

Draftkings: The sports

Restrictions for local customers are still likely to arise from the focus set by Draftkings.

Unsurprisingly, when the company was founded in the United States, the company was particularly interested in local national sports.

If you roam the Draftkings website, visitors to NFL , NBA , MLB and NHL will be overwhelmed.

In addition to the desire to expand, it was only the positive experiences at the 2018 World Cup that resulted in the fact that football was slowly but surely moving onto the radar of North Americans.

In addition to the extreme growth in Great Britain, it is also thanks to the brisk influx from Germany that Draftkings is increasingly integrating round leather into its range.

The Draftkings website & Draftkings app

Draftkings should only reach a critical mass of interested parties, which has been announced for a long time, actually appears on the scene at some point. On the occasion of this opportunity, a German-language website of the provider is certainly to be expected, which unfortunately cannot be reported at the moment.

Regardless of the basically modern and clear design, the lack of such an offer should currently be one of the biggest barriers to entry.

Since many local sports fans are still entering uncharted territory with the Daily Fantasy Sports, a foreign-language betting site is hardly suitable for reducing understandable fear of contact.

In principle, even rudimentary English language skills are now sufficient to sufficiently integrate yourself into the sometimes self-explanatory processes.

The linchpin of the website is the “lobby”, which functions as a disguised homepage, from which the shortest route to the huge selection of available fantasy leagues is possible.

Draftkings sports

Great importance is also attached to the personal affairs of customers: with detailed and clear lists of their own competitions, they are always brought up to date.

You can use all the functions of this bookmaker on your Android or iOS mobile device. To install the application go to the market and click the “download” button.

Registration with Draftkings

New customers get a pleasant idea that Draftkings is one of the serious industry giants in the fantasy sports world when they register.

The first registration was so easy and self-explanatory that it can be done in a fraction of a second without any language skills.

The enabled access via your own Facebook account allows you to complete the registration without entering a single letter.

If, on the other hand, registration via Facebook is not entirely comfortable, fortunately, the conventional way comes almost as quickly to the train.

Draftking's registration

Since the provider requests little more than the name, date of birth and email address, Draftkings stands out in a pleasant way from the data-gathering anger of the cooperation partner from California.

The Draftkings deposits

We identified the deposits as a small weakness of drafting: We only managed to open the corresponding menu after several attempts.

After a while, our persistence was only rewarded with a manageable selection of payment providers.

Draftking's deposits

Typical for a US company, Draftkings also cooperates with the relevant credit card institutes to process the payment flows.

In the DACH region, the selection in this regard is still somewhat economical: With Visa and the MasterCard, only the two biggest dogs are on board for the time being. For typists who have not yet really enjoyed the appeal of credit cards, only the Skrill e-wallet is offered as an alternative payment option.

Attractive additions, however, already appear to be in sight: We have heard several times that PayPal, which is highly valued by many tippers, will soon be found in the payment menu.

Such a cooperation with the e-payment service provider, which is considered to be particularly critical, would also underline the always serious work of Draftkings.

From a minimum amount of 100 euros, Draftkings also accepts bank transfers, which, however, initially requires contacting the service team.

Draftkings customer support

In order to contact the service staff, however, English language skills are absolutely necessary.

Since Draftkings still seems to approach the local market quite leisurely, German native speakers still shine with angry absence.

Draftkings sports

All questions and problems are also “discussed” only in writing: The simplest way to contact us is to use the contact form.

In addition, the expected hearing will also be heard by email or even questions sent by post after a certain period of time.

However, this only applies to the time between 6 a.m. and midnight: The service staff is currently closing the shop during the night.

The Draftkings payouts

In addition to the credit cards mentioned, Draftkings also provides Skrill as a much faster alternative for paying out the winnings earned in the Fantasy Sports leagues.

This provider is also expected to make the payment via the payment channel already used to top up the betting account.

If, for example, the MasterCard was used to top up the account with a first deposit of 100 euros, exactly those 100 euros will also be used to return the same way.


Only when the total winnings exceed the original deposit amount can customers choose from the repertoire of payment service providers without any restrictions.

If users are dissatisfied with this procedure for any reason, contacting the Draftkings service team often turns out to be useful.

The Draftkings new customer bonus

The fact that classic betting exchanges tend to be fairly buttoned when granting a new customer bonus also finds a suitable counterpart at Draftkings.

For a sniff, only a free content ticket is currently available, which has a monetary equivalent of a fairly narrow three dollars.

Since such three dollars have to be paid for participation in a beginner’s league, newly registered customers of Draftkings are granted a free ticket to a certain extent.

DraftKings Promo Code - $20 Bonus + Up To $500 Match

The small donation in the truest sense of the word is given to new customers after an extremely frugal minimum deposit of just five dollars.

The content ticket is also not subject to any other conditions, so that the money won at best is immediately available for payment.


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