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NetBet Tanzania review

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NetBet is one of the largest betting providers from France. However, he has since moved his seat to Cyprus. NetBet has been on the market since 2001; one can speak of an experienced bookmaker. Over the years, he has also taken the rocky path of online betting portals.


Although NetBet Esports is not as well known as other providers, the customer base is estimated at around 200,000. In the early days of the company, only bets on conventional sports were possible, in recent years esport has been added. The choice is limited; only large tournaments are offered. In addition, we only found two game titles in our NetBet test.

Interface and design

The bookmaker’s website is not very appealing. There are important elements for this that enable quick and easy betting searches. Thanks to only a few banners, the important information comes to the fore. You have a good overview of the numerous sports and games that are offered.

NetBet Casino Review -- 100% Deposit Match + 20 Spins - Casino Butler

There are two ways to get to the Esports area: First, you can use the search function under the logo and find your game with one entry. On the other hand, there is the option of scrolling down to find the “E-Sport” category. At a glance you can immediately see how many betting options are currently available.

Since NetBet unfortunately does not rely on esport and only has two game titles in its lineup, the search is not really worth it. With a click on the category “E-Sport” you get an immediate overview of the tournaments that made it into the offer.

Betting offer

While other bookmakers rely on a deposit bonus, which immediately brings the bonus credit to the betting account, NetBet Esports has come up with something special: after successful registration, the new customer must make the first deposit in the next few hours in order to be able to claim the bonus .

The free bet is easy to get. It will be credited to the betting account in the same amount after the first bet. However, we quickly found a disadvantage: You can only use the bonus received as a whole, while other betting providers can manage the balance freely.

Netbet screenshot

In order to claim the bonus, the first bet must be at least EUR 10.00. The free bet in this case is also EUR 10.00. It can then be placed at any event, provided the minimum quota exceeds 1.50.

Attention: The minimum odds for combination bets is 1.60. You have a total of 30 days to use the free bet. If this time passes without the free bet being placed, it will automatically expire and you are no longer entitled to it.

  • Bonus amount: 100% up to EUR 100.00
  • Bonus example: Use 100.00 euros with the first bet and receive a free bet of 100.00 euros
  • Is the bonus payable out? Yes after the bonus conditions have been met
  • Minimum odds: single bet 1.50 – combined bet 1.60
  • Wagering requirement: easy conversion of free bet winnings

If we had the choice between a free bet that has to be played as a whole and a free credit that you can manage yourself, we would of course opt for the low risk and choose the free credit.

NetBet Esports knows this too and therefore provides particularly simple bonus conditions . After the deposit has been made successfully, it depends on the use of the first bet. The minimum odds for this bet is only 1.20, which means that most favorite tips automatically qualify. The free bet is then posted to the credit account within a few minutes and can be used for any sporting event. The use of the free bet is not transferred to the account after a successful bet, so that only the net profit flows to the account. The free bet must now be placed on the specified minimum odds in order to convert the bonus balance into real money.

Terrific bonus conditions make the bonus at NetBet very attractive. With a little skill, you can quickly request a first payment. If you win the first placed bet and the free bet you receive afterwards with the same stake, you only have to convert it before you can request payment of the bonus balance.

Counter Strike: Global offensive betting opportunities

If you are a CS: GO tipster who likes to enjoy smaller tournaments with a bet, NetBet Esports could prove useful for you. Especially in the pre-betting market, many betting options can be concluded that are not limited to the winning bet.


Over and under bets, handicap tips and card bets are offered and ensure excitement and fun on the computer during a live stream. But here, too, there are no betting options that are taken for granted in other betting portals. For example, the pistol rounds cannot be tapped and an overall winner bet is not available.

Other promotions

There are also a number of other promotions at NetBet that are aimed at existing customers. Worth mentioning is the combi-boost, which can increase the winnings of combi bets in certain sports. In addition, customers can also take part in competitions in which high cash prizes or material prizes such as cars await them. There is also another interesting point in the campaign area: the top winners. The sports fan can not win anything there or benefit from a bonus – but he can see from a table how he compares directly to other sports enthusiasts.

lllᐅ NetBet Casino Erfahrungen | Ehrliche Bewertung 2020

Extensive range of bets

The betting offer is one of the most important points for a customer. The NetBet experience is absolutely fine on this point, because the betting offer is more than competitive. The provider can show a large number of sports in the menu on the left.

A selection of the sports on offer:

  • Soccer
  • ice Hockey
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • American football
  • rugby
  • darts
  • Boxes
  • snooker
  • surfing
  • Water polo
  • e-sports

From this list you can see wonderfully that NetBet knows how to not only appoint the top players in the betting industry to the squad, but also one or the other supplementary player (exotic). Surfing, snooker or water polo, for example, meet this requirement profile. It is commendable that NetBet also brought the increasingly popular e-sports into the team. Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike or Call of Duty can then be tackled there.

At NetBet, football is also undisputed as the captain’s armband and can offer a variety of bets. There are lots of leagues and competitions. When it comes to the betting markets, soccer can be particularly impressive. For example, well over 50 individual bets are available for games in the major leagues in Europe: goal bets, event bets, live bets, over and under bets as well as the standard three-way bet are just a few of the options.

Incidentally, the “Special” item is interesting in the betting offer. There are also bets that have nothing to do with sports. Among other things, the user can bet on the outcome of various elections.


If questions arise, NetBet Esports can usually answer them very quickly. As one of the few bookmakers, he even offers a German landline number on the homepage, so there are no high costs. Added to this are the options for live chat and contacting by email.


In our NetBet test we contacted the live chat and were surprised that we got an answer so quickly. An employee was available to us within a few seconds and answered our questions quickly and competently.

If you shouldn’t find any employee in the live chat, you can usually answer your question yourself by clicking on “Help”. A pop-up will then open, which will redirect you to the FAQ area. Here you can select your topic. The frequently asked questions are listed on the respective topic. Only a search function is missing here.

Payment methods

Hardly any other bookmaker has such a wide range of payment options as NetBet Esports; including the e-wallets PayPal, Skrill and Neteller as well as the credit cards VISA and Mastercard. Payment using the TAN method is possible via three providers.

esport betting payment methods

The Paysafecard enables contactless payment, which is done by entering a PIN code. The PSC is now available at almost every petrol station and in many supermarkets at the checkout.

Live betting and live streams

We have had our NetBet experience and found that there are hardly any Esport live bets on offer. If a CS: GO or Dota 2 match does find its way into the offer, the odds are usually hidden and you can no longer place a bet. This means that a tipster at NetBet only has the chance to use the pre-market to place another tip away from the winning bet.

league of legends esport betting

We were also disappointed by the provider with French roots when it came to live streams: During the entire test, we didn’t find a single live stream in the Esports offer. So if you choose a live bet next to the stream, you not only have to hope that NetBet will offer it, but also change the TAB to get from the streaming platform to the betting portal.

Great limits for recreational players

The high rollers who play with high stakes should look for another bookmaker. Only € 20,000 can be won a day at NetBet. The weekly maximum profit is limited to 50,000.00 euros, so the Big Boys at NetBet have nothing to laugh about. Recreational players, on the other hand, can make a tip from as little as EUR 0.07. In the area of ​​live betting, the minimum bet of 0.13 euros is also very low. So NetBet Esports is more of a betting portal for casual gamers.

Of course, 20,000.00 euros per day is a considerable profit – but some experienced and wealthy tipsters are not satisfied with that. The weekly maximum has already been reached at 50,000.00 euros.

The worst can only be determined after a few bets have been won: Even if there is no limitation on the website, we can say from our NetBet experience that the bookmaker sets independent limits for successful tipsters. Many tippers report that they suddenly could not use more than 500.00 euros, even though they had not set any limits themselves.

NetBet app

The importance of mobile gaming has not passed the makers of NetBet. There are different ways to bet on the go.

NetBet Mobile Casino App

  • iOS

If you are traveling with an iOS device, you can download a native application and install it on your device. For the download, the sports fan can either click the link on the provider page or go directly to Apple’s App Store. Attention: There is an app available for download for sports betting and the casino area! If you don’t want to download an application, you can use a mobile web app that doesn’t have to hide behind the desktop version in terms of appearance and handling.

  • Android

Android device users can only initiate the download via the NetBet website. Gambling apps that involve real money cannot be downloaded from the PlayStore. A small installation guide is included with NetBet. Like iOS users, Android friends can also use a web app by entering the address in the browser of their device.

Casino, Vegas, Lotto and even Poker as extras

In the “Extras” category, NetBet Esports can really get going and outshine the competition. In addition to sports betting and live betting, other categories promise fun and excitement. In the live casino, croupiers and dealers are waiting to play with you live on camera.

The casino area offers numerous well-known slots and can bring in high winnings. But be careful – those who go to a casino should never forget that the bookmaker can win.

Own poker tables are also offered at NetBet and bring a lot of fun and pastime with low betting options. The “Lotto” category has nothing to do with the traditional lottery.


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