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Tempobet Tanzania review

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The most important information about Tempobet at a glance:

  • Good betting provider
  • Reliable security system
  • Good bonus

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Tempobet is another bookmaker for sports betting on the Internet. This has a crucial peculiarity that may make it extremely interesting for an important population group in this country. This not only makes communication easier than the usual, often incorrect, translations. The American football league, for example, is particularly prominently highlighted. So all the Americans or simply fans of USA football can easily bet on the corresponding games. Whether Tempobet needs the fixation on a certain group of the population, or whether the bookmaker for online betting I can summarize myself in the other review in the following review.

Betting offer and registration at Tempobet

Depending on which link you use to access the Tempobet website, the default language may be several languages including english of course. But this is not a major problem. The choice of language is still easy to find. The somewhat different arrangement of the sports offers, which may actually take some getting used to by world standards, if football is not mentioned first in the menus, is compensated for by a good clarity. So you can quickly find your way around on your first visit. Only the design looks a bit pale, with its rather bright accent colors on a white background. But the latter also helps to create a neat, clean overall picture.

This hardly disturbs the new registration. A clearly arranged, clearly formulated form for new customers helps when creating an account. For security reasons, a really current cell phone number should be given. This will be used later when using two-factor authentication, which works via SMS. The fact that this technology is used already promises a good feeling when registering. There were no problems. Unusual information also did not have to be given and registration with average English skills only takes a few minutes. Unfortunately, people who live in other countries (non-English speakers), cannot choose their own language.

Sports betting and odds at Tempobet – that’s how good the bookmaker’s offer is

Of course, the most interesting thing about a bookmaker is still betting. Here the language does not differentiate in the betting offer. From a point of view in particular, the bookmaker enormously facilitates access to interesting offers. The bets on the American Liga appear very high in the menus. Interested parties can at least see a significant increase in comfort here. People, on the other hand, will always find their league without any problems, assuming knowledge of English. Overall, the range of sports is very good. Tempobet hardly has to hide behind the industry king. This is not surprising. Because both use the same partner for data with Sportradar .

The range of individual betting options for a single game is almost extraordinarily good. Which is now not the main focus at Tempobet, the choice with around 180 single bets for each game goes into spheres, behind which the competition largely fades.

The bonus offer from Tempobet

At the time of the test, there was no bonus that was distributed purely for registration at the English portal. However, such a bonus is not excluded . After all, even existing customers are rewarded with promotions. For example, a trip to Miami can currently be won every month. You simply qualify for this by hard-working betting.

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The language setting in English is actually somewhat different. Different rules seem to apply here. There seem to be various bonuses, including a deposit bonus with certain methods.

In any case, one thing is certain: Various bonuses actually result in the first measurable advantages for users who are proficient in USA and who go far beyond language. This distinction is made possible by the fact that Tempobet uses a separate URL for each language setting. So if we talk about the American variant, we are talking about Tempobet33 rather than Tempobet as a whole. Nevertheless, the range of bets and odds in the test seemed to be the same, as various comparisons by sample showed. Only in the language settings and the bonuses, as well as in the payment methods, differences were clearly visible in the test.

Live betting and streams at Tempobet

Also live bets are in the program of the bookmaker. Both the offer and the clarity appear quite good here. Technically, the live betting works perfectly. However, the presentation is not equally detailed for every sport. So much so that a basketball game is much better to use than an ice hockey game, for example. The reason for this partly clear difference, because after all, there was hardly any details about the course of the game in ice hockey is a mystery in this case.

Overall, the live bets at Tempobet offer a much more pleasing picture than the offers of other bookmakers in part. This allows Tempobet to compete with the best in this area too.

Betting odds and limits at Tempobet

The odds are also good to see. In direct comparison to Bet3000, two bookmakers who are not for nothing among the most popular in the republic and stand for good odds, Tempobet seems to have improved the odds key one more step. The differences are hardly noticeable, but overall they are present. To push for a change, away from Bet3000 and Co, towards Tempobet would not be appropriate given the small differences, but anyone who is thinking about a change will not be disappointed here. This fact is also extremely important for the target group. In contrast to, for example, ethno-mobile radio discounters sometimes give the impression, this ethno-bookmaker seems to offer only advantages without having massly hidden disadvantages.

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These payment methods are available from Tempobet

Deposits and withdrawals differ significantly in the methods offered depending on the language selection. This makes it difficult to make detailed statements that apply to everyone. Basically, as a player at Tempobet, you will need a little more credit card than with European-oriented competitors. You can use bank cards such as visas or master cards, e-wallets and PayPaI.

Optimised Mobile Site

There is no dedicated TempoBet mobile app, but this isn’t a significant oversight as the main site is fully optimised for mobile betting. If you use your mobile Android or IOS device to navigate to the site, it will automatically open on the mobile platform version, which functions smoothly and efficiently on any device and offers the same quick access to markets, account maintenance and live betting that you will find on the main desktop version. To create an account, go to the mobile application and click “register”. After that, you will receive a welcome bonus and you can use all the functions currently available. The screen size is adapted according to the device used and the application itself works very well without interruption.

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Additional offers and extras at Tempobet

In addition to sports betting, Tempobet also offers an online casino , an extra area for financial betting and lotteries , and virtual games. Everything continues to be distributed on the principle that it has been prepared separately for some languages, especially English. Overall, the offer knows how to convince.

And backgammon is also a special treat in these additional areas. Playing the sweet game seriously for money is a highlight that can make evening planning so entertaining even away from poker and casino or sports betting that registration is worthwhile even if sports betting does not correspond to your own interests.

However, there is a small drop of wistfulness for customers. The translation of the backgammon, which is very popular in USA, did not make it. So far the page structure has been available in English in this area too, but you have to guess internally what the buttons are that you want to use. With a little touching it should still be possible to use the game and have fun. However, it is only a clear plus if you speak in several languages.

Security and license from Tempobet

The bookmaker, whose license comes from Cuarcao for exemplary tax reasons, but whose management is located in London, can delight with 24/7 customer service that does the job perfectly. Unfortunately, there is also a limitation here. You can’t avoid English there may be some discomfort due to this.

Tempobet Registration » Betting Display

From the point of view of seriousness and security, no matter which nation you come from, everything possible is done at Tempobet. The option to protect the betting account with a second authentication against the access of third parties is even more effective than the classic way for bookmakers. Data security and encryption otherwise also appear to be solid.

Customer support at Tempobet

The bookmaker Tempobet attracts considerable attention because it is better geared towards American customers than most bookmakers on the Internet can claim to be. However, it would not be justified to reduce the bookmaker to this point. Apart from very slight, often insignificant, weaknesses, such as the supply of means of payment, Tempobet can also easily compete with the big players in the industry. Only the lack of a language setting is of course a small reason for grief for those whose English is not good enough. Nevertheless, even then Tempobet can make up for it with intuitive operation, as became clear in the sports betting test when I clicked through the American side for a complete test.

A real highlight is this American orientation. You don’t suspect a bookmaker with company management in London in the slightest. Rather, one would have expected a betting provider directly on the Bosphorus, the offer for the USA clientele seems to be so good. Despite the fact that this is also preferred for the bonuses, the bookmaker is also worthwhile from a perspective. The offer is just great. This bookmaker should sweep away the competition, especially for single bets on a single Bundesliga soccer match. In my opinion, tempobet is a must from a American perspective, but still good from a purely perspective.


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