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Olympics match result: South Africa v Greece

The water polo teams from Australia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan and Golden State of Serbia have qualified for the Olympics.

South Africa

The South African team came to this tournament ready for action, but the team struggled against Italy and lost 21-2. The next day, in a match against the United States, they only scored one goal before being defeated 20-1.


The Greek national volleyball team have had a great year and they’ve improved their physical fitness for the tournament. First, they beat Hungary 10-9 in an unexpected result and then exceeded expectations against Italy (6-6) with solid defensive play.

Though it started off beset with challenges, they emerged victorious against Japan (10-9) and won the day.

What were the predictions

A plus handicap for the African basketball team looks attractive, as they are in real trouble on offense with not much capital to work with. However, given their talent and discipline on defense, it is unlikely they will concede many points. This story is not about the Greek national squad that usually doesn’t win convincingly but instead tries to save their energy by playing a defensive style of play.

TOKYO, JAPAN – JULY 25: Angelos Vlachopoulos of Greece, Daniel Angyal of Hungary, Emmanouil Zerdevas of Greece during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Waterpolo Tournament Men match between Team Hungary and Team Greece at Tatsumi Waterpolo Centre on July 25, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan (Photo by Marcel ter Bals/Orange Pictures)

Result of the meeting

South Africa 5 : 28 Greece

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