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Israel Adesanya vs Anderson Silva. Who won?

Anderson Silva was a serious UFC champion, beating opponents in the middleweight and when he got bored, he would move up to featherweight and beat them as if the ranks of fighters regardless of weight class were invented for him. If you turned on his fight you could be certain: Silva would add to his collection of amazing highlights – he didn’t know how to fight pragmatically and slowly.

A bit of history

After three straight wins for Fedor, there was no doubt: Anderson Silva is the greatest. He was bigger than any fighter of his generation, that’s why he had some pretty gruesome falls: first, believing he was invincible he was going to be knocked out, then broke his leg horribly against the block and then got caught doping.

Talk of the greatest fighter of all time has died down. Drostanolone in Anderson’s sample nullified 18 years of an incredible career: 10 successful UFC title defenses, the longest winning streak in the promotion’s history, destroying Vitor Belfort, humiliating Forrest Griffin and choking Chael Sonnen at the end of a clean loss.

Anderson won his fight with Conor by a decision and was consequently removed from the face of the agenda. Occasionally he would pop up, much to embarrassment of himself (like an over-indulged uncle) when he requested a rematch. Unfortunately for him, Silva had found another opponent–Israel Adesanya. The newcomer is undefeated in MMA with 12 wins despite being only 26 years old as well as Anderson’s height and weight class, posesses some similar qualities like comic books and anime interest; today Israel Adesanya managed to beat Anderson effortlessly due to age difference and experience rather than comparative ability.

Israel Adesanya, a local fighter, was counting on scoring an upset against Anderson Silva. Some fighters had told him for months that the matchup would be tough but Israel knew his sparring partner better than anyone – he’d watched all of Silva’s fights with keen attention and studied his technique intensely in preparation. But despite the early excitement there was some doubt about how this underdog could take down one of MMA’s all-time greats: “A lot of people” said Israel would have to overcome biases by US viewers who are only familiar with MMA through its boom, not when Anderson ruled it under stars like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.

But Silva got me into this game. He inspired me and made me believe that a black skinny guy can go into the cage and demolish anyone. Anderson got me into this game, and now I’ll be honored to take him out of it.”

The significance of the fight

Robert Whittaker’s opening of UFC 234 was postponed after a herniated disc required him to the hospital, and Adesanya vs. Silva headlined fight.

Now, after almost 8 years Silva’s speed is gone and in fights against faster opponents, he can only counterattack by being quick and risky. In one of these, he almost had to leave his own feet – Israel caught him with a right.

The fight

Anderson would likely have died had Silva not pulled himself together for the fight.

Members of both crowds gathered and put their hands to their mouths as Adesanya dominated Silva from the very start.

The two fighters were physical, amazingly agile, and fought with incredible skill. They spun around quickly, punched at impossible angles that dodged attacks, posed like fighting game characters when they weren’t really fighting back despite being perfect shots.

Only Anderson and Silva fought for real while displaying amazing skills – it certainly seemed if one didn’t care about living or dying anyway!

Anderson Silva has maintained a cool and poised composure against some of the most talented martial artists today. It was evident in his fight with Israel Keyes last night that he still had what it takes to hit hard and defend himself from punches before they even connect. Araujo Adesanya, on the other hand, was not only more aggressive but displayed much better technique than Silva.

The outcome was predictable; Adesanya won by unanimous decision after three rounds. The commentators remarked that this wouldn’t be Silva’s last bout if he keeps maintaining this level of performance, though it would no longer be at UFC level competition.

Bottom line

After the fight, Israel and Anderson embraced for a long time. “You’re the real man,” said Adesanya. “I still remember the UFC 90 DVDs, bro.”

“Anderson will no longer be called the greatest,” said Silva. But footage of his fights gives talented people like Adesanya – isn’t that sporting immortality?

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