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Nigeria v USA: Women’s Basketball Match

The Nigerian and American women’s teams will oppose each other at the 2020 Olympics. Let’s look at their form ahead of this match-up and provide our predictions.


The Nigerian women’s national team is off to a terrible start for the 2020 Olympic Games. After four consecutive defeats against Belgium, Spain, then again versus Belgium and USA, Nigeria can only look forward to sounding losses. With two victories before the series of failures – one over Puerto Rico with 89-63 points and another against Serbia with 59-56 – they have nowhere else to turn but up.

Nigeria’s soccer team may be weaker than the opposition, but they have some players who can outmaneuver their opponents.


The USA beat Nigeria 67-70 in their last Olympic game leading up to the Olympics, and are in good standing with a loss of one out of seventeen games.

The visiting team has a chance of playing at the highest level in the next game. The Americans, even with their less-than-optimal squad, can easily outplay Nigerians. That was the case a few days ago and that may be the case in this first round for Olympic Games. In terms of shooting and tactics, the Americans are much stronger than Nigerians.

Face-to-face meetings

The most recent meeting, as already mentioned, took place on July 19. The Americans played at home and succeeded to win with more than a convincing score 93-62. Once again, the difference in class affected – the Americans were more efficient. And they managed to win in each of the quarters – only one was remotely competitive.

Nigeria – USA match prediction

Based on the current odds, the Americans are projected to win it all. They have plenty of motivation for this match and they will likely be in a good condition as well. It is worth betting against them given that their opponent has been playing better up until now.

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