PMbet Tanzania review

PMbet has signed a partnership deal with TVBET to strenghthen its position in the African market with its products.

Tanzania.- The B2B provider of live games TVBET announced its partnership with the international sports betting brand PMbet. Within the global market expansion strategy, the company is working on its product’s accessibility to all regions.

PMbet has recently established itself as one of the best online and mobile betting operators in Tanzania. Now everyone can enjoy playing the well-known lottery and card games TVBET produce thanks to PMbet. The latter’s portfolio includes such products as Keno, Poker, Joker, 1Bet, Backgammon, 5Bet, 7Bet, 21Bet, WheelBet, War of Elements, and Lucky6.

TVBET network comprises of more than 100+ casino and betting operators worldwide. All the games are distributed in the form of content integration directly to their platforms. Flawless broadcast technology, as well as trained staff and certified gaming equipment, allow company to provide them with the impeccable service.

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PMbet Games

PMBET is continually looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the experience with players and adds new features and products every time.

Recently PMBET has added an unprecedented offer to place bets on all your favorite games in virtual. You do not need to travel to play all your favorite football, basketball or table games, just simply log in to your PMBET account, click virtual games and watch your winnings grow in a matter of minutes as you don’t have to wait for match day to place your bets.


Virtual Sports offering has the following:

·        Virtual football league

·        Virtual horse racing

·        Virtual tennis

·        Virtual basketball league

·        Virtual dog racing

Besides placing bets on favorite sporting events one can get acquainted with TVBET’s LIVE games.You can follow all the Live games and see your results immediately and even get a live JACKPOT. Bet small and stand to win really big on various games.TVBET offering includes special games such as:

·        Keno

·        Poker

·        War

·        Jokerbet

·        Wheel

PMBET offers a unique online casino experience as well. There are more than 900 slots available with the easiest practicing steps and quickest spinnings. Just simply click Casino, get your spinning and win big. Likewise, they offer you to enjoy playing such popular games as Keno, ColorBoom and Wheel of Fortune available on both mobile and desktop with a Jackpot winning for each one.

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PMbet Tanzania Mobile Betting

This betting operator offers only a mobile website version, but no applications. However, at the expense of this, the mobile website version comes with a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Compatible to all types of mobile devices
  • It offers a simple menu with very easy navigation
  • Responsive at a full range and suitable for both: smartphones with smaller screens and bigger tablets
  • It provides the entire assortment of the company’s bets, including the animates games like Keno, Color Boom, Wheels of Fortune and virtual football
  • Multiple options for profile settings and personal preferences
  • Stylish look

This betting house’s mobile version performs quite well at the stage background, too, by guaranteeing a high level of security and minimum chances for crashes or bugs. The modern software secures the constant connection with the servers in a way to always inform you in time as to the changes in the odds or the scores of the live matches.

Live section


According to PMbet’s statements, we’ve got more than 6 000 matches for bets in real time per month. This is basically 200 events per day. These numbers should speak of themselves – the live service here isn’t any exotic service that is available only for the big derbies. It is a pity, though, that such a big modern betting platform still hasn’t found a way to add live statistics in its live section.

PMbet bonus

We are not the biggest fans of PMbet’s promotions, but we cannot deny, though, that this betting house has no promotions. It does and they are three in total. Any of them, though, doesn’t seem to us quite profitable and any of them isn’t a bonus for a new customer, but yet, we will meet you with the basic terms and conditions of these special offers. It is how you will estimate them regarding your own preferences.

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Bonus system for express betting


PMbet gives you a chance to win up to 100% bonus by just betting on multiple games.

The amount of Bonus increases depending on the number of matches.

For example, if you bet on 15 matches, you will get 20% bonus. And in case of 31 or more matches you will get 100% bonus.

The amount of bonus is counted from the money you won.

Good luck with your bets!

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3% Cash Back

This is a promotion where you will receive 3% cash back of your placed bets if they are made at an amount of more than 100 000 Tsh. This promotion, though, isn’t valid after the end of the World Football Championship in Russia.

Free Bet

Did only one step separate you from the desirable victory? Now PMbet gives you a special opportunity to get money back even if you didn’t succeed in all your bets.

Place 5 and more bets and if you lose one of them, you can get a Free Bet from PMbet with a part of your betting money!

From 5 to 9 (including) games, every game odd must be no less than 1.35 and if you lose only one game you can receive your stake back (no more than 30.000 TZS) as a FREE BET.

More than 10 games if you lose only one game you can receive 10% from your winning (max 30.000 TZS).

No live games.

For example, you have placed 10 bets and total odd is 253.20. Your budget for the bet was 1000 TZS, so you could have won 253200 TZS if you had won all the bets. But you lost in one bet with 1.30 odd. Instead of losing all your money (as you haven’t succeeded in all the games), you will win 19476 TZS (in this case your bet multiplies with the 10% of 1000 x 253.20 / 1.30).


Super cash out

PMbet gives you an incredible chance to cash out your money won whenever you want, even if the other matches of the same bet slip haven’t started.

To get a Super Cash Out, your bets should contain:

  • No any lose games
  • Ticket should contain minimum 4 bets
  • All other games should not be started

It’s so simple! You can just cancel your bets for the games that haven’t started yet and take the money you have already won. For example, you have placed 8 bets and the total odd for the bet is 23.20. You have already won 6 games and you decide to stop your bet. Then you cash out the money with total odd of 18.60 (without the odds of pending games).

Good luck with your bets!

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Cancel Bet

The bookie offers you the chance to change your mind after your bet has been already placed and cancel it in order to receive your money back to place a different bet. This promotion, though, is active only for accumulated bets with at least 4 selections and of course, only in case any of the matches hasn’t started yet.


PMbet Registration

In order to join PMbet, click on the light green button called Join and fill in the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country – please, have in mind that the company works only in Tanzania, Nigeria, Congo and Armenia
  • Telephone number
  • User name
  • Password
  • E-mail (not required on mandatory)
  • Date, month and year of birth
  • Female or male

Deposit Methods

You can make your deposit PMbet via TIGO PESA, M-pesa, AIRTEL MONEY, HALOPESA. It may take up to 10 minutes for the money to appear in your account.



Enter your Account ID as the reference

  1. Dial *150*01#.
  2. Select 4 for ‘Pay Bills’.
  3. Select 3 for ‘Enter Business Number’.
  4. Enter business number 888888.
  5. Enter only your Account ID as the reference number. Account ID: Your account ID.
  6. Enter amount you want to pay.
  7. Confirm details and Enter PIN.

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  1. Enter your Account ID as the reference.
  2. Dial*150*00#.
  3. Select 4 for ‘Pay by M-Pesa’.
  4. Select 4 for ‘Enter Business Number’.
  5. Enter business number 800888.
  6. Enter only your Account ID as the reference number. Account ID: Your account ID.
  7. Enter amount you want to pay.
  8. Confirm details and Enter PIN.
  9. Press 1 to Confirm.



Enter your Account ID as the reference

  1. Dial*150*60#
  2. Select 5 for ‘Make Payments’
  3. Select 4 for ‘Enter Business Number
  4. Enter business number 800888
  5. Enter amount you want to pay
  6. Enter only your Account ID as the reference number. Account ID: Your account ID
  7. Enter PIN to Confirm

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  1. Dial*150*88#.
  2. Select 4 for ‘Pay Bills’.
  3. Select 3 for ‘Business Number’.
  4. Enter Business Number 800888.
  5. Enter only your Account ID as the reference number. Your account ID.
  6. Enter amount you want to pay.
  7. Confirm details and Enter PIN.



  • The best odds
  • Different types of prediction (Single, Multiple)
  • Available in 3+ languages ​​(EN, FR, CN)
  • 5 ways to save money
  • 5 ways to make money


One of the advantages of PMbet is the 24/7 availability of support staff. You can receive assistance using your preferred platform whenever you have a question. For quicker responses, you can write in a  LIVE CHAT and get your answers immediately. PMbet is focusing on the needs of customers by staying true to its core service principles:

·        The customer always comes first.

·        Your satisfaction is the most important.

·        They are always striving to exceed your expectations.


Call Centre : 0746004 003, 0677 048 625 (TIGO), 0783 785 725 (AIRTEL)

Office: Antarayin 160/9 Yerevan, Kentron 0019, AM

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