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SportyBet Tanzania review

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Perhaps you’re wondering, “What exactly is SportyBet?” Allow me to shed some light on the matter. SportyBet is an online hub that revolves around the exhilarating world of sports betting. It distinguishes itself as a glocalized platform, a term that blends “global” and “localized” into a unique hybrid. This is where things get interesting.

SportyBet prides itself on being a global entity, with a presence spanning various corners of the world. However, what sets it apart is its dedication to tailoring its offerings to suit the preferences and needs of its local customers. Take, for instance, SportyBet Nigeria. Here, the focus is squarely on the Nigerian audience, providing them with opportunities to maximize their gains while minimizing costs. They achieve this through enticing odds and competitive pricing, making it a go-to destination for those looking to make the most of their sports wagers within Nigeria’s borders.

SportyBet website

To accomplish “glocalizing” each of their sites, they study every market that they enter. SportyBet makes sure to focus on what their local users look for, and just how much and how often it is that they want it. This information is used to then build the product(s) that delivers the promise, then offers so much more. This is exactly why Sportybet is a glocalized company that so many people enjoy, time and time again.

SportyBet Nigeria is simply one example of a website that is developed thanks to the hard work of SportyBet’s R&D team (research and development) to find out what exactly the Nigerian people want.

Registration process

Well, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. The registration process at SportyBet is as easy as entering a phone number. Naturally, you’ll need to have a number which is from a relevant part of Africa like Kenya or Nigeria, but that is quite literally it. You can even log in with Facebook if you want.

Registration Process at Sporty Bet

While you no doubt sacrifice certain elements with a registration as simple as this, you also gain so much in terms of accessibility. It makes SportyBet seem like it’s just a couple of clicks away, as opposed to being like filling out a tax form before you can enter through the virtual doors. It’s easy and breezy, with everything else – like bank details – being added in at a later point.

Key Features

With so many different websites available online, why exactly should you choose this one to make your sports bets on? Well, in Nigeria, for example, there are tons of betting sites. But none of them will offer you the same kind of benefits and rewards that SportyBet does. They have what is called the Sporty Winnings Boost. On top of that, they also offer amounts of as much as N10000 as the first deposit bonus. The company will also offer the best possible odds to ensure that you’ll have the best possible time. SportyBet looks to offer the most exciting bets so that they can keep their customers coming back for more – and they love to look for ways to help their customers make even more money.

Further to all of the above, they have also added a layer of bonus benefits for their customers. They recently introduced the referral promo, where Nigerians and previous customers who have a love for football can get a bonus. Referrers will receive an amount of N50. This amount is paid out per paying the person that is referred to SportyBet, so the more effective referrals are made, the more the referrer stands to make. So if you have a lot of friends that are also into sports and sports betting, it might be a good idea to tell them about SportyBet. Oh, and one more thing that we can mention is that beyond referral payouts, there are also additional prizes to be won (in a raffle, so the prizes are not guaranteed). Nevertheless, Nigerians who want to make a lot more money are taking advantage of this platform. In the end, all of it is simply a win-win situation.

Another additional feature that SportyBet has to make things better for their customers is live in-game betting. This allows bettors to place their bets on ongoing matches, at fantastic odds. The company has also allowed for partial cashing out so that you can take some of your winnings out before the whole game is over. If you’re a new customer, SportyBet offers additional discount gifts of as much as N10,000, although terms and conditions apply.

Deposits and withdrawals

There is quite an interesting selection of banking options from SportyBet, as well as the site being one which really lays out their target audience.

First off, you have two fairly traditional methods via bank card and bank account. In order to deposit with your bank card, simply enter your card details and tell them the deposit amount. You can then enter your PIN, bank token or OTP which can be sent to your mobile phone depending on the verification method. Phones are really important to banking at SportyBet and this is just one example. Depositing with your bank account requires you to once again fill in the relevant details (including your bank name, account number) and tell them how much you want to deposit. You can then verify your transaction by entering your birth date or OTP. Once again, this is all nice and simple.

Both these deposit methods come without fees. Bank accounts that are accepted include; Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, First City Monument Bank, GT Bank, Zenith Bank and ALAT by WEMA. The minimum transaction is NGN 100.00 and maximum transactions are NGN 9,999,999,00. Transactions should be immediate although, of course, SportyBet can’t do much about issues on the bank’s side of things. Withdrawals are just as easy and can also be done through a bank account. The same information is needed. There are no fees, with the exception of an additional carrier fee of NGN 50.00 when less than NGN 1,000,00 is withdrawn. The maximum withdrawal limit is the same as the maximum deposit. Withdrawals should be completed within 24 hours. When you add a new account, you’ll need to verify your identity via SMS. The importance of mobile doesn’t stop there either, as you can also deposit and withdraw funds through your phone either through M-pesa Paybill or STK Push. And this is just as simple. In the case of M-pesa Paybill, you simply go to the menu, enter business number 202202 and account number SPORTYBET. Tell them how much you wish to transfer, enter your PIN and you are good to go. In order to withdraw your funds, simply send an SMS to 29123 with the amount you want to withdraw and your PIN code.

Deposits and Withdrawals Options at Sporty Bet

STK Push deposits work the same way. You send an SMS to that number telling them how much you want to deposit. In terms of proving your identity, you may be asked to confirm your address via a verification letter sent to the customer. Like we said, SportyBet makes their target audience crystal clear with these options: not just geographically, but the type of customer they will attract as well. All of this is about convenience and simplicity, as was the case with the registration process. Sure, they could have cryptocurrencies, for instance, but that would be in stark contrast to their focus on ease of use. We suppose they could do both. However, for the type of customer they are clearly after, the options available here more than fit the bill.

What Are The Payouts Like?

SportyBet promotions

Many sports betting websites online often take forever to get your winnings paid out. Taking this fact into consideration, SportyBet has made sure that they pay out quickly and regularly. The simple fact is, people, don’t like it when they have to wait a long time for their money to arrive. So the company makes sure that customers don’t have to wait for long.

Welcome bonus

Few things are as useful at attracting new customers than a welcome bonus. That’s why betting sites in general wear them loud and proud. SportyBet is a little more reserved than some in that regard. It isn’t plastered everywhere on their homepage. But we suppose that would get in the way of the design and usability which is so vital to their vision. It is very much here in the form of an NGN 1000 (or currency equivalent) giftset. How much you receive depends on your first deposit and these are split into various amounts.

Welcome Offer at Sporty Bet

If you deposit NGN 50, for instance, you receive NGN 150 in gifts, whereas a deposit of NGN 200 will get you NGN 600 in gifts. These gifts are also effective for longer the bigger than deposit, between 6 and 10 days. Gifts can only be placed on bets of more then 3.15, and no duplicates are allowed.

The different gifts must become valid in sequence. So, for example in the case of an NGN 50 deposit, the gifts worth NGN 150 are broken down into; 1X NGN 3, 1X NGN 7, 1X NGN 15, 3X NGN 25 and 1X NGN 50. You would have to bet the 1X NGN 3 in order to unlock the 1X NGN 7 gift and so on. However, a lack of detail on terms and conditions – particularly when it comes to wagering requirements – has unfortunately made it impossible for us to properly analyse the quality of this offer. This is a really glaring oversight which we hope can be resolved soon.

How to Download Sportybet App

Logging into your Sportybet account and checking for results through third party sources can be time wasting and data consuming. Using the Sportybet Mobile App enables you to instantly check for live results, get winning tickets directly on your mobile phone. You can use this application on Android and iOS devices by downloading it from the market. The Sportybet Mobile App also has a feature that sends you a winning alert as soon as the match you place a bet on ends. You get a pop-up notification of the match results and the amount you have won. To download the Sportybet App and enjoy these features, follow the steps below. Visit the Sportybet official website through your mobile website.

Click on the App icon on the Navigation bar

Sportybet website

Click the “Download for free” button and proceed to scan the QR code with your phone OR you can enter the download address in your URL bar to download.

Download Sportybet App

Install the app on your device and login with your user details. If you don’t have a user account, choose the sign up option immediately you open the app, input required information on the fields provided and wait for a verification message.


SportyBet is licensed by BCLB under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act. This means from a legal perspective, you can consider this site entirely legitimate. Furthermore, SportyBet, as per their privacy policy, promises to protect your data and will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless it is demanded by the authorities.

Security at Sporty Bet

There’s also a section on advice for responsible gambling and you can enforce measures like self-exclusion to help if you have an issue. It’s a shame that this can’t be done through the registration process, but we suppose that is part of their simplicity first approach in that regard. You need to contact customer service for help, which wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except things didn’t quite go to plan.


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