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ThroneBet Promo Code in Tanzania

Tanzanian sports bettors first became acquainted with ThroneBet as an in-store betting business. With a variety of betting halls available throughout Tanzania, Tanzanian spectators frequently visit ThroneBet to place bets on a range of sporting events including soccer, Formula One racing and basketball.Until 2016, Throne Bet customers could only visit “Throne Bet” in person. However, this changed when soon after their brick and mortar betting halls opened an online sportsbook.

Throne Bet operates more like a physical betting hall dashboard, so one can see all of the things they have an opportunity to do when they visit in person. At this online sportsbook customers are able to keep up to date with the latest news stories in order to optimize their betting decisions. For a complete understanding of the Throne Bet Tanzania online sportsbook, let’s explore its finer details.

ThroneBet Review

The Throne Bet Company was founded in April of 2015. Fifty locations have opened within Dar es Salaam, with more to come. Throne Bet Company is dedicated to the organization of sports betting, odds production, and implementation of accompanying software. ThroneBet’s main service is to manage sports betting.

Throne Bet sets high standards and strives to improve the sports betting domain. We offer the highest betting odds in the marketplace. This is made possible by the team of statisticians, mathematicians, IT experts, and people who indulge in sports.

The Company has enjoyed a positive and fair relationship with our customers. As a part of core business, we offer over 300 events in favor of an international audience. We’ve created over 100 odds for these events each day, which contributes to this achievement. At any time we offer more than 60 standard football odds and over 40 odds for other sports games. Throne Bet has an extensive list of sports including football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball and handball along with rugby and baseball.

Registration Process on ThroneBet in Tanzania

People aged 18 or older in Tanzania have the legal right to gamble. If you experience a problem with your account, the customer support has agents available via email ([email protected]). The closest ThroneBet shops to Dar Es Salaam are located in Bugurumi, Kariakoo, Mtongani, Mwenge Ubungo, and Tandale. Head over to any of Throne Bet’s betting outlets today and place a bet on live events or popular sports. Unfortunately, the online version of this betting site has not yet been launched, and we hope to see it in the coming weeks.

How to get bonus on ThroneBet in Tanzania

Throne Bet, the offline-only betting operator, may seem like an odd choice for a bonus but they offer bettors a great promotion. Given the number of events you have in your bet slip, this offer allows you to get a higher bonus over profit. To be more specific, we can see how the betting bonus works in this bookie:

  • 5% bonus for bet slips with 6 selections
  • 10% bonus for bet slips with 7 selections
  • 15% bonus for bet slips with 8 selections
  • 20% bonus for bet slips with 9 selections
  • 25% bonus for bet slips with 10 selections
  • 30% bonus for bet slips with 11-15 selections
  • 50% bonus for bet slips with 16-25 selections
  • 100% bonus for bet slips with more than 25 selections

The maximum profits of the Throne Bet bonus is much higher than average, as other bonuses offer only a certain percentage of your stake. For example, for a bet slip with 16 matches it is shown that the profit earned will be 16%. The table above shows that betting $4 on 16 slips will earn you a total of $44 with 9 fulfilled.

We were unable to check out any of the promotions on offer at this bookmaker when we went to open an account because their online betting system is not working.

Throne Bet Cash Back Bonus

ThroneBet Cashback Bonus is yours after a loss, but so are the odds of winning. Odds of winning cash back:

  • 25+ odds: rewards 1x
  • 45+ odd: rewards 2x
  • 60+ odds: rewards 3x
  • 90+ odds: rewards 5x
  • 450+ odds: rewards 10x
  • 750+: rewards 50x
  • 950+ odds: rewards 100x

Throne Bet Tanzania Betting

To bet on Throne Bet, sports punters have to visit one of the company’s offices.Once there, they purchase a ticket for available bets and wait for odds to be revealed after the bet has been resolved. There are many different Throne Bet fixtures to choose from. Bettors choose from the available matches/games and buy tickets for such games which they want to bet.

The company offers over 300 betting odds for over 100 different sports events every day. At any given time, Throne Bet offers more than 60 standard odds for football and more than 40 odds for sports from around the world. Among the available options you will find football, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis and rugby.

A football bet must be settled during the 90 minutes of play following kick off, whether the match is uninterrupted or held up after injury.Throne Bet does not cover scheduled extra time or penalty shootouts unless you purchase a special out-right price for these opportunities.

Deposit and withdraw on ThroneBet Tanzania

Payments for winning tickets are paid immediately after the end of the last event in that pool and not later than 3 days. If someone fails to collect their winnings within 60 days of the date on which they discovered the winner, the ticket becomes invalid. Payments are not accepted anywhere else for tickets purchased at this branch. Customers must present the original ticket as proof of ownership in order to receive payment for their win. Please don’t print out a copy of your ticket – it won’t work.

Vip program ThroneBet

There is no ThroneBet VIP program available at this time.

ThroneBet Customer Service

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to bet, please contact the bookmaker. Users have the right to contact one of the following phone numbers:

  1. +255 713085307
  2. +255 783552816
  3. +255 718208143


Conclusively, Throne Bet has made a positive reputation in Tanzania for their services. Though the online bookie has yet to be launched, many bettors have been rewarded with generous bonuses and promotions on this website. Additionally, it is notable for providing some of the best odds in the betting market. One advantage this site has is that it features a variety of sports, including soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

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