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Volleyball Game for Improving Your Emotional State

Volleyball is a sport that develops the body and improves your emotional condition. Find out more about how volleyball can make you feel emotionally better from our conversation with Vladimir Stefanov.

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Vladimir Stefanov about How a Volleyball Game Can Influence Your Emotional Wellbeing

An estimate of 43.8 million people worldwide deal with some kind of mental health problem. Depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are the most prevalent. Stress is another issue that affects the well-being of a person much. Today, we’ll try to find out if volleyball can improve these health problems. The person who is going to help us reveal the truth is Vladimir Stefanov – a volleyball player who is currently based in Hong Kong.

Benefits of Playing Volleyball - We Love Volleyball

Managing Depression with a Volleyball Game

Depressive disorders are probably the most common. Loneliness and the hardships people face daily make them lose interest in life and fall into depression. Vladimir Stefanov says that anyone can feel better, improve their mood, and fill with energy to live by doing daily physical activity. It is a proven fact. Our interlocutor says that he personally knows three people who managed to get rid of depression by playing volleyball.
Vladimir Stefanov supports his thoughts: “It not only endorphins releasing during physical activity that make us feel happy. In team sports, you are never alone and have a whole bunch of people supporting you and giving you the feeling of your importance and value for all of them. That costs much, I should say”.

Volleyball Can Improve Anxiety Levels

In Singapore, where Vladimir Stefanov spent several years of his professional volleyball career, sports (volleyball in particular) was one of the ways to reduce anxiety in patients of the local clinics treating mental health problems. He even told us a story about his impact on this practice: “When in Singapore, I was asked to become a guest in a group meeting of people who suffered from anxiety for two or three times. I told them stories about the championships, trying to inspire them to try playing volleyball. You know, in a couple of months, I started receiving e-mails with thanks from those who managed to improve their health by playing volleyball.”

Benefits of Playing Volleyball - We Love Volleyball

Volleyball Can Change Your Life for the Better

Vladimir Stefanov says that it doesn’t matter whether you play amateur or professional volleyball. This game allows you to feel a part of the community. You’ll never be lonely if you are a player of the volleyball team. Your teammates become an important part of your life, and this is mutual. Volleyball allows you to feel like a winner. This helps your self-esteem and self-confidence, thus making your emotional problems less acute.
“If you have any emotional health issues, just try to play volleyball. I guarantee that you’ll feel much better and happier right after your first game.” – sums up Vladimir Stefanov.

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