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Australia vs Nigeria in Tokyo Olympics Group

Team Australia beat the Nigerian team in the first round of the group stage at the Olympics. The teams are in Group B.


The Australian team finished in the top four teams in the World Cup. They lost to France two years ago, but they got a chance to go to the Olympics because of that.

On the eve of the big game, the home team won three games in friendly matches. They beat Argentina and America. The players on the team are 50% NBA players.


Team Nigeria finished seventeenth in the 2019 World Cup. They were the best of all the teams from Africa. They got to go to the 2020 Olympics because they have a good chance at winning gold.

This month, the Nigerians won two games against the United States. They then beat Argentina, who is second best in the world. The most recent game was against Australia and it was a loss by 69 points to 108.

The outcome

The first quarter was a close game. It ended in a draw, 23-23. The second quarter was also close, but the Australians were behind 20-17. During the third quarter, they won by 3 points 15-12. The final period was dominated by the Australians and they won 26-13.

Patrick Mills was the most productive player on the winning team. He scored 25 points. Obi Emegano played in Nigeria, and he scored 12 points. The Olympic basketball tournament is from July 25 to August 7. The top two teams from each group advance to the next round, and so do the top two third-placed teams if they are good enough.

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