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Fight: Curtis Blaydes vs Francis Ngannou

UFC Fight Night 141 in China featured a rematch of Curtis Blades vs Francis Ngannou. UFC Fight Night 86 was the only time that Curtis Blaydes had been defeated. Last night was a chance to take their second fight if he could out break the previous record where they lost, which previously stood at three consecutive matches without defeat.

Curtis Blaydes

Curtis Blaydes is the kind of guy who politely asks for something and then punches you in the face when you give it to him. He made his UFC return three days ago, earning a comfortable decision victory over Francis Ngannou- a man considered by many to be one of the best heavyweight fighters on Earth.

Curtis Blaydes is an excellent athlete, despite a single loss. His only defeat came from inexperience – when he tried to shoot out with Ngannou and paid the price.

Pros of Curtis Blaydes:

  1. Excellent stamina.
  2. He is tall and heavy, yet athletic.
  3. World-class wrestler.
  4. Excellent punch holding. He hasn’t been punched. Curtis Blaydes held on, Overyim’s knee, to the face?! – Have you ever seen anything like that?!
  5. Good standup.

Minuses Curtis Blaydes:

  1. Likes to get hammered. With a puncher like Francis, he can repeat his first encounter

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou is a man who left his native Cameroon in search of a better life in France, and found himself on top of the UFC Unifighting World. His background makes for great promotion; you can make movies that will make us cry and be inspired by his success. And his power! Seriously, you cannot even budge him. And of course, those spectacular stamina levels! Muscle and strength come with an associated price tag.

After defeating a series of well-known opponents, everyone said Ngannou was invincible. He fought with intelligence and technique, but in the end Stipe Miocic managed to take him out.

Ngannou’s pros:

  1. Thick skull bones. Yes, he actually has thicker and harder bones than any of you, so he takes hard punches with ease.
  2. Colossal physical strength.
  3. Jet hands. For a heavyweight he has awesome speed + combined with killing power – knock out the lights
  4. Anthropometry
  5. World class boxing
  6. Good defence against take-downs. Until he’s tired, he can’t be moved


  1. Sucks stamina. If the fight lasts longer than a round and a half, it’s a verdict for the “raptor”
  2. No parter. For a Curtis Blaydes level, of course.
  3. Cocky

Bottom line

The outcome is as clear as ever – a win for Curtis Blaydes. Curtis Blaydes will fight Francis in the first round for decency, then translate and translate. And in the second round, he’ll start beating the shit out of himself and Sascha. Will he be able to finish Nganna?! – big question. Curtis Blaydes will likely be able to put away Francis Ngannou in either the 2nd or 3rd round.

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