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Japan v Nigeria: Forecast

Nigeria will be playing Japan in this game, and it is reasonable to assume the Africans will put up a fight. The prediction is on the side of Nigeria.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Basketball – Women – Group B – Japan v France – Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan – July 27, 2021. Maki Takada of Japan celebrates after scoring a basket with teammates REUTERS/Brian Snyder


Serbia will try their hardest to win the upcoming match, as their potential victory would assure them a place in the Olympics. However, they have an uphill battle ahead of them, with opponents that are more powerful than they are.


Nigeria likely won’t be able to win this game. Yes, they are playing on their home turf and against the host team but Nigeria’s records is too bad for them to beat the odds.

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Serbia has won in three of their last five matches against African teams, and the last time they played Kenya was 20 years ago. Nigeria have suffered four defeats in their last five matches, but Japan only lost one game out of those five games that they played off the Americans.

Japan vs Nigeria match prediction

It is expected to be an exciting game. Nigeria wants every opportunity to make it into the playoffs, but they lack the skill necessary for success. And their talent might not be enough to win them any games now. The Japanese will play more defensively and it is hard to disagree with that strategy. But betting on the Africans still looks like a good bet because of all of their natural athletic abilities.

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