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Fight: Dalcha Lungiambula vs Andrew van Zyl

Dalcha Lungiambula became the two-time EFC champion after a tense five rounds with Andrew van Zyl, winning by split decision of judges. Aside from his previous win as light heavyweight champion, he now also holds the heavyweight championship belt.

The opponent of Lungiambula was van Zyl and in round one, he succeeded in knocking him down with a judo throw but failed to knock him out.

Andrew van Zyl vs Dalchi Lungiambula: EFC heavyweight title fight

Round 1: In the first round, both fighters attempted some clinch tactics with limited success. Lungiambula seemed to be prevailing in this fight as he pinned van Zyl and attempted a Guillotine shortly after.

Round 2: The two fighters exchange punches. Lungiambula tries a take down, but van Zyl dodges and throws him with a suplex before thoughly grating his opponent’s legs. Lungiambula manages to get another touchdown on van Zyl and lands an overhead kick left that hurts a little bit. While in half-guard, constantly exchanging elbows not hurting the other guy, van Zyl has enough of it picks up from where he put himself to try to force Garcia’s back as far as possible in order to get into north/south position for more pressure.

Round 3: This fight has been close with each fighter landing plenty of punches. Lungiambula takes an early takedown from the previous round, but van Zyl proves more effective with his attacks until he delivers a nice knee strike to Lungiambula’s body.

Round 4:Lungiambula tries to take down van Zyl, but the heavyweight champion successfully defends against him. Lungiambula hits a strong uppercut as both fighters return to their feet.

Round 5: One minute into the round, and both fighters land a series of punches on each other – van Zyl’s are just stronger. van Zyl takes down Lungiambula and continues to throw strong punches. He pins Lungiambula against the cage and lands a really strong uppercut. The heavyweight champion continues to land heimikers as he gets close to Lungiambula, who unsuccessfully attempts a late teekedown on every chance she gets but fails due to van Zyl’s relentless attack.

Nkazimulo Zulu vs Magno Alves: EFC flyweight title fight

Andrew Zulu opens the round with a strong overhand kick. Alves manages to withstand the attack and then use this window of opportunity to clinch with his opponent, trying punches and a leg takedown. Zulu pushed himself away from Alves to avoid serious trouble; Alves eventually got bored with not making any progress and relinquished before going on the attack again with some kicks. When they locked up for one final time, Andrew threw a hard knee strike that landed solidly on victim’s stomach.

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