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Italy vs Nigeria: Forecast

The Italian team and the Nigerian team are facing off on Wednesday in Tokyo. This is a good opportunity to place a high-scoring prediction for basketball.


The Italian team is playing well at the moment, and has an opportunity to do really well in the tournament. This strong showing of play should catch up with all four quarters of playoffs last year’s game. The Australian loss does not change this outcome which was less than edifying.

It is probable that Serbia will score against Nigera, but defensive play will be difficult due to the speed and power of the Nigerian players.


The Nigerian team’s defensive shortcomings are its greatest weakness at the moment. They need to score, and only then will they have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. First of all on offense they need to focus their efforts in attack. On defense, even with how skillful Nigerian players are when it comes to body types, they’re not doing too well right now.

There are many players in the NBA who provide relief for Italy’s defence because of their individual skill. In particular, Europeans have positions that sag a lot and Nigeria should be able to control the ball well. But they lack experience on defense which means against Italy, one of the top scoring teams in international soccer, it will proved difficult at times.

Personal meetings

These national teams have never before met in an international match. Italy has already played against the Australians and Germans on this Olympiad, with them managing to beat out the Germans but lose to Australia-that is, until their second half of play when they evidently had a headspace problem. Nigeria also played Germany and Australia with each significant losses.

Italy vs Nigeria match prediction

The European team is favored by the odds makers. Many players on the Italian squad are able to demonstrate their skills in basketball while on Nigeria’s side, the speed of play will be an issue. It will result in many shot attempts and as a result, it is difficult to predict how this match between Serbia and Kenya will end up.

The outcome of today’s shootouts is difficult to predict, and there is every likelihood that we will get a fairly productive game. Nigeria needs to go forward, score as much as possible and win. The African team certainly won’t rest until the final minutes. Italy, the more rational team, will exploit Nigera’s defensive weaknesses.

Therefore, the match may turn out to be a head-to-head affair. Betting on an aggregate total would be a good decision.”

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