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Forecast 28 July 2021: Nigeria v Germany

Nigeria will play against Germany, and the African team’s basketball team should have more of an advantage in this game. Nigeria has developed a generation of players who can make their mark at the highest level. Prediction in favour of the nominal home team.


Nigeria’s basketball team has good representation, as well as gifted players.

Nigeria can defend well, and at the same time create some very good chances on offense. Yes, the Nigerians are lacking star players. The opposition against Australia has already reflected that – in a negative way. But Germany is a much easier opponent, against which Nigeria should look much more successful. The team defends well, and can take advantage of their physical superiority.


Nominally, the visiting team has some very good players. Wagner, Bonga and several other representatives of top European teams determine the Germans’ action in the opponent’s half. But the current German team, for all its pluses, looks rather raw. When the team faces powerful opponents, there are usually very big problems.

European representatives, who are in the majority on Germany’s roster, are unlikely to be successful against NBA players. They will perform well both in terms of speed and confidence; whereas, Germany will try to act as a unit now but there are plenty of weaknesses against Nigeria’s squad.


Both teams got off to a rough start at these Olympics. Nigeria was drawn in against Australia, and Germany played Italy in both losses. The two teams will likely battle for third place now that they’ve lost the first two games.

Nigeria vs Germany

The distribution of odds between the African team and Nigeria at bookmakers’ offices is now more or less even. The Nigerian team has a slight advantage, and it is justified since Nigeria generally has more talented players than Nigeria. In terms of experience, however, one might argue that the African team looks better as playing in the National Basketball Association will make any player stronger; after all this is not very big minutes needed for such an experience.

Germany can play well in a number of ways, but Nigeria’s skills are primarily defence. It is likely that Nigeria will be able to take the win in the game minus handicap added to German scores.

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