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Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

Around 12,500 athletes from more than 200 nations are scheduled to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Games were originally planned to take place between 24 July and 9 August 2020. However, due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus pandemic, discussions about the feasibility of hosting them began as early as February 2020.

The Olympics were postponed by a year in March 2020, following a decision of the Canadian National Olympic Committee to not send its athletes for fears that they would contract an illness.

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More than 12,500 athletes from more than 200 nations and 42 venues will be coming to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games. Approximately 339 sets of Olympic medals in 41 sports will be contested in addition to the 21 set at Rio 2016. Competitions will take place at 28 arenas located with an 8km radius of the Olympic Village.

Tokyo 2020 Medals

The 2020 Olympic Games will be in karate, rock climbing, surfing, and skateboarding. After being absent from the Olympics for twelve years baseball returns to the Olympics as well as softball.

Tokyo 2020 will be the 14th Olympic Games. Tokyo’s bid has guaranteed inclusion of 3×3 Basketball and BMX Freestlye, as well as mixed relay events in swimming and track and field, mixed team events in judo, triathlon & archery with 12500 athletes from 205 countries competing for medals. USA leads all nations with 613 athletes or 13% of all participants; Germany comes second at 430 (8%).

Record number of doping samples

A record number of doping samples will be collected from athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But Rio 2016 is not a good indication about how many will be collected in 2020. At Rio, WADA alone had to collect 4,930 samples – both during the Games and out-of-competition, while the International Testing Agency (ITA) with Japan Anti-Doping Agency assistance only needed to look after incidents at this Olympic games. A total of 250 doping officers and 700 support staffs will be involved in these doping tests around 5,000 people including competitors.

Record number of doping samples to be collected from athletes at 2020 Games

Tokyo 2020 will make use of a new method for detecting banned substances, albeit one that is both expensive and unpopular among athletes. The old ways for discovering disqualified substances are also in use.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizers collected samples in an effort to leave no stone unturned. These samples will be stored for up to 10 years in a central storage facility in Switzerland, where they can be reanalyzed using new methods of detecting drugs banned by WADA.

Games and coronavirus

The Japanese city of Tokyo, on the eve of the 2020 Olympics Games, has been hit by a new coronavirus pandemic with more than 1,800 people infected in just two weeks. Due to increased fears about infections at the games with an outbreak so close to it’s commencement date, officials announced that they would postpone for one year all events originally planned to be held in 2020.

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