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Results: Nigeria v USA

The second day of Olympic women’s basketball competition for the 2020 Games took place on Tuesday, July 27. Team Nigeria played against perennial victor USA.


Nigeria is starting the 2020 Olympic Games with four straight losses, happening all in friendlies. Nigeria lost to Belgium (47-79), Spain (52-61), then Belgium again (60-67) and USA (62-93) before the streak started. Ahead of those losses, Nigeria secured two victories. The first was a victory over Puerto Rico (89-63) and Ned beat Serbia during their second contest on October 31 st .

Despite being a lower ranked team, the Nigerian players have quite powerful and agile personalities. When playing against other teams of similar rank, they will tend to come out on top. However, against an American team with better natural data than theirs, their prospects are not positive


As mentioned above, the USA beat Nigeria before the Olympics in their final test match and did so very confidently. There’s a good chance that something similar will happen in this game as the Americans are on form and rarely lose. They lost one game out of seventeen which was by 67-70 to Australia.

This past Sunday, the American squad beat Mexico in their final round of qualifiers. If you view this article, or any of ESPN’s articles for that matter, they all say it was a walk in the park and we are scheduled to easily play Nigeria and Russia first.

Game history

The USA’s youngest players lost their opening game at the 2020 Olympic Games to France by a score of 76-83.

Evan Fournier led all players with 28 points, while Jrue Holiday contributed 18 for the Americans who are still in descending correction after their loss on Sunday night.

The USA has won every single Olympic game without a loss. Our only loss was in Athens 2004, when we lost three games including the semifinals, and obtained a bronze medal.

The results

The US Women’s national team defeated Nigeria in the first round match of the Olympics tournament, in Tokyo.

The meeting ended with a score of 81-72.

In the next round, they will play Japan on July 30 and Nigeria will play France on the same day.

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