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The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. News

Softball and football will open the 2020 Olympics on 21 July, with games already two days before the opening ceremony. Qualification events in rowing and archery begin 23 July, the day of the Games’ opening ceremony.

At the 2020 Olympics, not all medals will be awarded on Opening Day. The first batch of 11 medals will be given out on July 24; furthermore, qualifying tournaments in rowing and archery are happening from July 23 to August 8.

Opening and closing ceremonies at the 2020 Olympics

The opening ceremony of the Games will take place on 23 July at 14:00 Moscow time and will be held without an audience at the Olympic Stadium. The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2020 is scheduled for 8 August. The ceremony will start at 14:00.

What sports are in the programme of the Tokyo Olympics

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will feature 40 sports- 339 sets of medals. This is more than were featured in previous summer games like Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Paris 2024.

Tokyo 2020 will host five new sports, including 3×3 basketball, karate, surfing, rock climbing and skateboarding. Baseball and softball will be contested again for the first time since 2008.

All sports at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

Rowing, badminton, basketball, basketball 3×3, baseball/softball, boxing, wrestling, cycling, water polo, volleyball, handball, golf, canoeing, rowing slalom, judo, karate, equestrian sports, athletics, table tennis, sailing, swimming, diving, trampoline, rugby sevens, surfing, modern pentathlon, synchronised swimming, rock climbing, skateboarding, artistic gymnastics, shooting, archery, tennis, triathlon, taekwondo, weightlifting, fencing, football, field hockey, rhythmic gymnastics.

Track and field athletics will have the most medals at 48 sets, while there are a total of 37 gold medals in swimming.

Opening ceremony show

Over 120 million people are expected to attend the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, along with most of Japan’s Olympic team.

The Olympic Games will be opened by a humongous performance on Sunday night that has drawn criticism as being too costly and one-dimensional. But it should serve okoyami or a slew of other small performances, some with fireworks throughout the four days of competition.

Opening ceremonies will take place on the 23 July – two days before the first games.

Traditional schedule of events is kept strictly secret, and we know not many details about future Tokyo Olympics 2020. But it seems that for organisers, saving money is a priority since there are uncertainties about finances leading up to event.

And it is already clear that the preparations for the ceremony are not without a serious scandal. The fact is that Keigo Oyamada, the 52-year-old composer of the Olympic show, in the 1990s described how he brutally abused people with disabilities. In 2021 those tapes surfaced again. Oyamada apologised belatedly but had to stop work on the ceremony anyway.

Coronavirus at the 2020 Olympics: an emergency situation

2020 was supposed to be the year of the Tokyo Olympics, but in response to the coronavirus that has been spreading since last fall, they had to push it back a year. Unfortunately due to COVID-19’s limitations on foreign spectators we may not have many outsiders at our opening and closing ceremonies — or even competitions.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will include a list of special regulations for athletes, coaches and other members of sports delegations. This state of emergency is being imposed in the city from July 12th through August 23rd.

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