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Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev. Who won?

In the ninth round, Joshua knocked down Pulev four times. Joshua was in control for much of the fight, but he delayed realizing he had an advantage. He hit Pulev and sent him to the floor several times, but then Pulev would return after a few seconds and then start hitting him on his unprotected back of his head. The referee did nothing!

All those who loved the Klitschko brothers boxing for the results, for those not too bright, but convincing victories – they will like Joshua’s fight. For this performance, Anthony should be beaten with sticks and left hanging under London Bridge for the edification of everyone else.

Joshua worked the jab, avoided Ruiz’s punches and remained calm during the fight. The Briton won by knockout in a rematch at 0:13 seconds of round 7.

Analysis of the fight

Here is the third round. Anthony Joshua hits Pulev with some punches and Pulev screams back. Now there are many missed swings from both fighters, then more missed Antony punches until at last he lands a right hook knockout blow on his opponent. The end of the fight was signaled by a gong sound… Amazing! And that’s not all – as soon after the final bell has sounded, both boxers give each other a couple of punches before being separated.

For the fourth round, and no killer instinct. The British player played it right down to the wire. Fist and jab, jab and jab, attack and clinch. Joshua preferred to stay away from his opponent, waiting for him to tire, although by the middle of the fight he himself was already breathing heavily in the corner

Conclusions after the fight

Joshua’s advantage in speed, power and fighting intelligence was too obvious. This is because his opponent tested positive for coronavirus on November 26 – which could not have been unaffected. His team could have rescheduled the fight, but wanted to avoid disturbing it again anyway.

Anyway, Joshua was both intelligent and faster than Pulev, and a little less tired–but boxers rarely do subtle highlighting of their strengths (especially heavyweights).

The media loved what Khabib showed in the 9th round: sharp and precise hooks that shook his opponent’s head. To honor Mike Tyson, Anthony dedicated to him when Kubrat got up from another knockdown with a right punch that glued him against the ring floor.


Then he should have quoted Tommy Morrison, aka Tommy Gun, a distant relative of John Wayne, who starred in perhaps almost the worst of the Rocky Balboa films, consisting almost entirely of awkwardness and clichés:

“I ask that you no longer look at me as a model. Just consider me just another individual who may have been somebody but missed all his opportunities.”

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