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UFC 245: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington. Who won?

Las Vegas hosted the last number one event for this year’s UFC 245 at T-Mobile Arena. In the main fight of the evening, Kamaru Usman knocked out Colby Covington and defended his welterweight belt against him. Amanda Nunez also retained her bantamweight championship by defeating Jermaine de Randamie, and Max Holloway lost to Alex Wolkanowski with such a result that he gave up his heavyweight championship.


Usman is considered one of the most uninspiring champions. First, he wins while remaining calm and never resorting to violence: he controls his fights without exerting himself at all. Secondly, he says very little in interviews. Kamaru would have said nothing if Colby had not questioned him. But thanks to Colby this fight was hyped up and Usman responded stiffly.

“Our war with Colby is absolutely real. Everybody knows about it. It’s not something made up – it’s real. People say they can’t wait for me to finish this guy off. I can’t wait to get out in the cage with him. I’ll teach Covington respect,” Usman issued.

Covington got out to a comfortable distance from the start of the fight and was dominating Usman with his boxing. Colby had an advantage because Usman couldn’t keep up with him, arms wrapped in vain as he kept trying to strike back at Covington. Kamaru did brilliantly by nailing Usman’s hands together and shoving them away before finishing off secondary moves which threw him off balance, especially when Colby would use his legs – something that caused confusion among most fighters. The champ knew where he stood by the end (of) first two rounds but made himself some space and took control again in round three.

But the fight was getting close. Covington was throwing high kicks during breaks, and it sometimes looked like Usman went down. He didn’t get knocked out though.

Deciding the winner of this fight had long been a thorny issue. By round three, it became apparent that Colin was taking a clear lead, outpunched and winning by TKO in rounds one and two. Kamaru’s broken jaw from punch number four proved to be the tipping point in the final decision.

The outcome of the fight

The whole time they were sparring in the stand-up and Colby’s face was a shade of pinkish red. It wasn’t until close to the end that Usman made a good point.

Another straight right – Covington knocked out. Colby got up – and down again. A small takedown which was good enough to stop it. Kamaru Usman is still the UFC welterweight champion, and Covington even ran out of the stadium after that one.

“His punching skills are pathetic. Usman hasn’t knocked anyone out in his life. He has cushions instead of fists. I will rain such a hail of punches on him that I will break all UFC records,” Covington said before the fight. But he himself was missing more and more.

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